Who We Are


To provide a safe, supportive and friendly environment for all men of all ages to gather, volunteer, work, teach, learn and seek fellowship with other like minded people to take part in activities of their choice and to be treated equally….

We allow members to carry out projects which may suit their own interests. To foster involvement within the community and be involved in community projects. To promote and stabilise the mental, physical, emotional and economic well being of all men in our community.  e.g. the older or retired, the veteran or teenagers are all welcome.


The Shed has become an integral part of the Dubbo community, with requests for assistance with various projects from all aspects of the community. Projects include, Santa’s Chair for Rotary, BBQ Seats for Various Businesses and Schools, the Base Hospital, ‘Buddy Benches’ for Local Schools & Childcare Centre’s, Various Charities and Disability Groups, Overseas charity organisations to assist with the poor and impoverished to mention only a few. We assist people who find it hard to afford to pay full price to fix things, we also make various items that are of a one of nature, something that cannot normally be bought from a shop. So if you need to have something made of a bespoke nature that you cannot find in a normal shop come and see us at the shed.


We currently have 50+ members at the shed who come from all different backgrounds, trades and walks of life, some of who are in our book ‘a shed load of stories’ but all have stories to tell. 

This phenomenon is now worldwide, with sheds in the United Kingdom, Europe, Canada, America and soon in Asian regions, every shed you go too no matter where they are, it is the same they all have a story to tell  and a drive to help the community and their fellow members, this is across the board.